SEWER DISTRICT

WHEREAS:  persons desiring to make sewer tap connections to the South Point Sewer
System and fixing equal rates for the same system; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the Village of South Point,
Lawrence County, Ohio:

SECTION 1.        Section IV, Paragraph (3) reading as follows:

  "Paragraph (3) - Tap-in Charge Schedule"

When undeveloped lots located inside or outside the corporate boundaries of the Village
are improved by the construction of a residential dwelling or other buildings thereon to be
served by the sewer system, the following tap-in charges shall be paid before any permit
or authorization to connect to the sewer system is given.  Tap-in fee shall be One
Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) per lot.

Bills shall be rendered monthly and be payable within fifteen (15) days.  Where water
service is being provided by the Village of South Point, the sewer charges shall be billed
to and paid for by users contemporaneously with such water bills and the payment of one
bill shall not be accepted without payment for both bills.

The foregoing charges are minimum charges, not maximum charges, and the Village
reserves the right and is obligated to increase the same at any time should the revenues
of the system prove insufficient to pay the operating and maintenance expenses and the
debt charges of said issue of $2,149,000 of sewer system revenue bonds, and it is
hereby covenanted with the owners and holders of said issue of mortgage revenue bonds
that the rates and charges herein established will not be decreased nor will any of the
terms hereof be revised without first obtaining the approval, in writing, of the owners and
holders of said issue of mortgage revenue bonds.

All monies received from the payment of the rates and charges prescribed hereunder
shall be paid into the appropriate fund as prescribed in the ordinance authorizing said
issue of mortgage revenue bonds.  Tap-in fees shall be credited to the capital
improvements fund and shall not be applied to normal operation and maintenance

SECTION 2:        This ordinance is declared to be a necessary measure for the public
peace, health, safety and welfare and will be in effect the earliest time allowed by law
upon its adoption.

ADOPTED THIS ___15th____DAY OF ___July______1997.

1st Reading Date__6/17/97_
2nd Reading Date__7/1/97__
3rd Reading Date__7/15/97__