The picture above is of Allied Chemical South Point Plant as it operated from 1946 to 1978.
The picture is hanging in the South Point Municipal Building lobby and was donated to the
Village by John Conley in Nov. 2008.

The plant was originally built and operated by Buckeye Ordnance Works in 1942 and
manufactured ammonium nitrate explosives for the United States military for World War II.
A full history of the plant's ownership and operations can be see by
clicking here.

You can read additional history of the plant as written by Art Ferguson in the History of South
Point Village published by the South Point Centennial Committee by
clicking here.

Click here to see a slide show of pictures of the abandoned plant taken in 2005 by

Most of the old structures have now been demolished and the property was purchased in 2001
by the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation and is developing the Point Industrial
Park with streets, water, sewer and several commercial buildings already in place.  Most of the
610 acre property was annexed into the Village in 2001.