Edward R. Nickel
May 22, 1923 ~ Sept. 26, 2010
Former Village of South Point Mayor
Jan. 1, 1960 to Dec. 31, 1961
Ed Nickel served four years as Council member from Jan. 1, 1956 to Dec. 31, 1959 and  
one two year term as Mayor from Jan. 1, 1960 to Dec. 31, 1961.  During that term the
Village sanitary sewer system was started by adopting Ordinance #123 in May of 1960
starting the construction of the system, Ordinance #123 setting the sewer rates ($4.40 per
month flat residential rate) and Ordinance #127 obtaining $385,000 in sewer bonds to
finance the project.

The Village Clerk during this term was Russell Allen and the Treasurer was Mae Jones.

Council members were: Ackerson, Craft, Freeman, Greer, Jones, Pruitt

Below is a copy of the first Council meeting minutes for Mayor Nickel's term.
Herald Dispatch Obituary 9/28/2010
Ironton Tribune Article 9/28/2010