Last Will and Testament
                                  William "Ranger" Davidson

                  Will of William Davidson, Gallia  County,Ohio

Journal, Wills #1 & 2, page 232.

I William Davidson, citizan of the state of Ohio, Do Declare this my last will and
testament, revoking all others.

First my Just debts are to be punctally and speedily' paid and the Legacies herein
bequeathed are to be discharged in the manner hereafter directed. To my beloved wife
Barbara Davidson I Bequeath all my moveable property and kitchen furniture my debts
being first paid out of said moveable property, also all Legacies hereafter Bequeathed
to be Discharged out of the aforesaid moveable property and further I do Bequeath to
my beloved wife the whole benefit or income of my fractional Section No. 5, on which we
now live for her use and the use of the children that belong to her and me that under
age or such as chuses to remain under her Jurisdiction.

During her widowhood at her decease I do direct all the Property that she, my wife, may
have of the before mentioned moveable property may fall into the hands of my Daughter
Cinthia if living, if not to whom of our children she chuses.
I Do bequeath to my eldest son John Davidson thirty dollars to be paid out of the above
mentioned moveable property in fifteen months after my decease; if not paid in my life.

To my second son Lewis Davidson, I Do Bequeath the sum of one dollar.

To my eldest daughter Comfort McCourtney, I Do Bequeath the sum of one dollar.

To my son David Davidson, I do bequeath one dollar.

To my daughter Mary Williams, I do bequeath the sum of one dollar.

To my daughter Peggy Francis, I bequeath one horse beast to be worth forty dollars.

To my daughter Betty Lynd I do bequeath the surf of thirteen dollars .

To my daughter Sarah McKee I do bequeath one horse beast worth forty dollars, one
good cow and calf, one bed and bedding.

I further direct that the legacy left to my daughter Cinthia be paid to her at the time of
her marriage if she be married before she be twenty years of age; If not married to be
paid to her at that age.

To my son Abraham A. M. Davidson I do bequeath one fifth part of my fractional Section
No. 5 the part on which we now live.

Likewise to my son Thomas one other fifth part of the same,  also to my son William one
other fifth part of the same.    To my son Jesse one other fifth part and to my son Joseph
one other fifth part to fall into their hands at the death or marriage of their mother my
beloved wife,if of age,if not of age the same I direct to be put to their use by suitable
Guardians of their own, or the Court's chusing, by rent, until they become of full age
according to law,  and I further desire that I may be intombed in a descent and orderly
manner,  with such of my family as are intombed on my home place.

I do Constitute and appoint my dearly beloved wife, Barbara Davidson, my son A. M.
Davidson and my Nephew Joseph Davidson,  Executrix and Executors of this my will.

This twentith day of June Eighteen hundred and ten,  I William Davidson being in sound
mind and memory do execute this my last Will and Testament.

                                                                  William Davidson

In the presence of Joseph Davidson
                        David McKoy
                        Richard       Sharp,

Note.  Gallia County was  carved from Ross County,  Ohio and later Lawrence County
carved from Gallia and Scioto County. At the  time  the Will of William Davidson was
probated  (1812) Lawrence County had not been established and Gallipolis was the  
County seat.

                  Fayette County,  Pennsylvania,
                     Deed Book F,  Page 197.

Indenture made May 4th, 1807- William Davlson and Barbara his wife of one part and
David Davison his son, both of Luzerne Township of Fayette County, Pa.

Patent grant December l8th 1790-303 acres  - consideration $600

Same Book Page 5-Land called,   "Dispute Ended".

The Davidson Reunion was organized by descendants of William Davidson, "The
Ranger" in 1932. The first meeting was held at "Cedar Crest", near South Point, 0., the
home of Judge and Mrs. Losh 0. Harbaugh.