Press Release
For Immediate Release
(August 16, 2019)

Solida Road Interchange Road Closure

Lawrence County Engineer Patrick D. Leighty announced today that due to some repairs that
need to take place in the area of the Solida Road Roundabout, the US 52 Eastbound interchange
will be closed for one week starting on August 26, 2019 and reopening on September 2, 2019.  
The repairs to the concrete pavement in a couple of the areas do not allow enough clearance for
both construction and traffic to safely use the space provided.

Leighty said, “We will be using the same detour route as when the construction of this project
took place.  These full deep replacement repairs to the concrete paving are not uncommon for
projects of this nature, as the same type of repairs have been done on local projects by other
agencies”.   Leighty also stated that he appreciates the patience of the traveling public and this
closure will allow the Contractor to expedite the repairs in a safe manner and allow time for the
concrete to cure enough to open the interchange to traffic loads.

For more information regarding this Press Release contact Patrick Leighty at 740-533-4317