The Water Improvements Project
Funding for the $680,000 project was approved by Ohio
Public Works Commission and Huntington/Ironton
Empowerment Zone July, 2002 which included:
OPWC  grant                                 $209,000
OPWC loan (0% int. for 20 yrs)     $141,000
Empowerment Zone  grant            $250,000
Village contribution & force labor  
 $ 80,000
Total funding                      $680,000
Construction began in mid 2003 which included an
addition to the water filter building with 2 new 500
gallon/minute iron/manganese filters built by Tonka
Equipment Co. which will double our water
Workers from Welding Inc. begin installing the
foundation for the new 300,000 water storage
tank which will increase our storage capacity to 1
million gallons.

By mid Nov. 2003, the new tank was constructed,
painted, plumbed and ready to be filled.
A new 6 inch 750 gallon per minute
gravel pack well was finished in Mid
Nov. 2003 by Joe Brown Drilling

A new 6" water line loop was installed
from Sand Rd. under US 52 to Delta
Ln.  John Bays, Inc. installed the
bore/jack under US 52 in May 2003.